Audio Engineering Training

Our recording and production workshops provide an opportunity for music enthusiasts to unleash their passion for sound on the best recording equipment. These workshops encourage individualism and combine the fundamentals of music production with practical experimentation and personal creativity.
Technology has transformed the recording industry. With digital recording being very simple, efficient and inexpensive, many independent artists and music enthusiasts have started recording independently.

Start Recording by Yourself!

So if you are an independent artist or musician and wish to start recording on your own, we have good news for you! Our experienced team at Encounter Studios can hook you up with just the right equipment for you, have you in for a 3 hour session to teach you the basics of recording, editing and mixing and routing your equipment. And you’ll be ready to start recording with your own equipment by yourself!

Hands on Recording Workshops

Our workshops focus on hands-on training, which will allow you to experience working with real-world projects (Music, Voice-overs etc.), recorded here at our studios. Our workshops are designed for musicians who wish to record independently and also for recording enthusiasts who wish to take their talent from being just a hobby to becoming a profession.

Topics we cover in this training:

  • Basics of sound
  • Microphones
  • Cable types
  • Routing Equipment
  • Pre-Amps
  • Compressors – Limiters
  • Equalizers
  • AD DA conversion
  • Sample Rate – Bit Depth
  • Mic placement and Tracking
  • Acoustics
  • Setting up sessions on Protools/Logic pro
  • Recording in Protools/Logic Pro
  • Setting up Headphone mixes/Levels
  • Digital Editing
  • Vocal Pitch correction
  • Automation and Effects
  • Using Plugins
  • Mixing Methods
  • Using virtual instruments
  • Basic Mastering
  • And more tips..