Live Sound Services

Encounter Studios offer a wide variety of Live Sound Services, We cover all sound related needs, from consultation to setting up temporary and permanent sound systems as well as live sound recording. Our in house sound engineers have excellent technical abilities and a wealth of ‘on the job’ experience. They are up to date with the latest equipment and techniques enabling them to get the best possible sound from the equipment they use.

Sound System Set-up

Good live sound does not only depend on how good your equipment is, the biggest challenge for temporary sound system set-ups is the acoustics of the space. Rooms have their own resonances depending on room dimensions and parallel surfaces as well as surfaces that reflect some frequencies more than others. Our team at Encounter studios works in hand with good equipment to tune every live space to sound its best.

Recommended for:

  • Meetings
  • Outings
  • Trade shows
  • Religious events
  • Conferences
  • Small concerts (300-600 people)
  • Much more

Sound Systems Set-up

With permanent sound systems, there is more control over acoustic problems as Acoustic absorbers and diffusers can be installed permanently, depending on your budget, our outsourced acoustics engineer can visit your space and suggest ways to solve any acoustic problems. After the room acoustics are treated, we can create a list of the best equipment that suit your sound needs including (Speakers, sound processors, multi-band equalizers, monitors, microphones, cables, mixer, etc). We can also upgrade your existing system to enhance the sound in your space.

Recommended for:

  • Halls
  • Churches
  • Meeting rooms
  • Schools
  • Much more