Digital Recording Bootcamp

What is the digital recording bootcamp?

The Digital Recording bootcamp explores the theory of digital audio in various parts of audio production. Strengths and weaknesses are considered, as well as the numerous digital audio media on the consumer and professional market. Students will learn how to prepare a digital audio workstation (DAW) for recording and mixdown of a multi-tracked musical performance.

Emphasis is placed on professional practice with respect to the management of performers and the various files created during the recording session. The DAW system workflow will be critically examined and basic editing and processing techniques demonstrated.

Students will be exposed to industry standard equipment and get a chance to practice in a professional studio envirnoment. Our bootcamp courses are the most hands-on workshops in the industry. Students will get a chance to record, edit and mix their own music and take a copy of their work.

What to expect from this workshop?

Students can expect to learn the fundamentals to creating their own semi-professional recordings, with a clear understanding of how to capture crisp sound. The bootcamp course is also a great introduction into the music and recording industry, it could be a start to life long career or a drastic addition to your very best hobby.

Course fees – $249

For More information about course dates and fee structure please contact us!