Sound Production

[x_text]Many emerging artists are becoming more aware of the recording process, they are often able to do rough demos of their work at home but when It comes to doing a project they don’t know where to start. At our recording studio we supply you with top of the line equipment and our expertise to help ensure the recording process is as professional as possible. The quality of our sound production is a result of the equipment we use, for example using large diaphragm microphones to capture a crisp vocal track, latest recording software and the right preamps, to name a few.[/x_text][x_text]The recording process will include the capturing of sound through the various types of microphones we have, the large diaphragm mic being the most commonly used. These condenser mic’s have a small electrically charged plate to help pick up frequency ranges outside of the middle. The main insentive for this mic is to exclusively pick up quality sound instead of a large quantity of sound. Converting these analogue sound waves into electrical signals is even easier in our acoustically treated recording booths. These microphones are perfect for recording vocals, drums and a variety of string instruments. Before your arrival we will set up one of our two recording booths so they are customized to your needs.[/x_text]


[x_text]Our editing process Is done to make your recordings evidently more clean before any mixing is done. This would include cutting any breaths taken while recording vocals, eliminating any unwanted noise and recognizing recordings that need to be redone. To manipulate this recorded sound we will either use pro tools or logic to cut, paste and use cross fades to make your raw sound more polished before the mixing stages.[/x_text]


[x_text]The mixing stage is where the magic happens, we add various affects, and dynamic techniques to turn your recording into a what you envisioned. By the use of compression, equalizing, reverb and much more we are able to make your recording sound full and impressionable. In order to do this we use programs such as logic, reason, and protools, which is also controlled by our digital mixer. Generally this process takes the same amount of time it took to record, however we like to spend as much time as we can mixing so the finished product will sound clean and nothing will be lacking.[/x_text]