Post Production

Audio Post Production

[x_text]Our competitive offerings make audio post production at Encounter Studios the smart choice for your documentaries, commercials, animations, gaming and more. Sound design and audio post production have become as equally important to video production as the visuals, and with the recording studio services we offer, including; production dialogue editing, ADR, sound effects, foley recording, music recording and mixing we guarantee that you will feel confident with your final results.[/x_text][x_text]Ever since silent movies began to talk, sound design and audio post have become a big part of the visual industry. Here at encounter studios we know the importance of sound control and enhancement in a visual production, which is why we put effort in each step of our Audio post. Encounter Studios offers a full Audio Post-production service for documentaries, commercials, TV, animations, feature films, gaming and online media. So if you require a studio for dubs of your series, or just need to de-noise some rushes, Encounter studios can help you. Our competitive lower rates mean you can really spend the time to get the drama into your voice recording, audio editing and sound design.[/x_text]

Video Post Production

[x_text]Film- or video editing is not just a technical job, it is the art of storytelling and is often referred to as the “invisible art” because when it is well-practiced, the viewer can become so engaged that he or she is not even aware of the editor’s work. It guides the audience in a certain direction and can emphasize on certain aspects or products. These are just some of the reasons why a good editor can create and develop a story out of bits and pieces of footage. It’s important to understand that your audience expect more than beautiful pictures put together, but a concept to be unfold.[/x_text][x_text]We strongly believe that editing is a huge deciding factor that clients should consider when choosing a video production company. If any link in the video production process is weak, it affects the entire production negatively. The opposite it true too, a good edit can push your production forward and add a lot of value to it. Editing will affect the over all quality of any production, it being a music video, corporate video, a tv commercial or even a small web video. With experience in TV Commercials, Music Videos and Corporate Films we are aware of the importance of a good edit and we always try our best to perfect every edit in any project. We have worked with known directors or created edit lists in-house to achieve the best flow for a variety of projects.[/x_text]

Our Post Production Services

Production Dialogue Editing

This is the process of preparing a clean dialogue to use during the mixing stage. This involves locating the best audio takes recorded on location or on set, syncing them with the picture and eliminating any extraneous noise.


We offer ADR (Automated Dialogue replacement) in cases where the audio recorded on set is too noisy, or unusable. This is the process of replacing lines of dialogue with audio recorded at our studio (in sync with the picture) by the actor. The recorded dialogue is then tweaked to sound like the set audio.

Colour Correction and Grading

Colour correction is just one step in the entire film and video production process, but it makes a huge difference. You can take average footage and make it pop, sing and enhance the look of your project. With well shot footage you can create limitless styles, looks and feels.

Sound Effects

Our studio features a wide library of high quality sound effects for all applications. Sounds recorded on set like Ambiance, birds, cars etc, can never be as good as adding sound effects in the studio and have them mixed to the right volume with the dialogue.

Music Recording

If you do not wish to use pre-recorded soundtracks and would like to record your own music or come up with a unique score, we can definitely do that for you. Our studio is fully equipped to produce music that will punctuate the dialogue.

Video Editing

Our editing services are flexible according to the type of project you are working on. Our post production facility is equipped with high end Mac stations that run industry standard editing and post production software. We can handle any sort of video format and deliver the final product in a format that suites your need.


If sounds like footsteps, prop movement, cloth rustling etc. were not clearly recorded during your shoot, we can record them for you perfectly in sync with the picture and mixed perfectly with all other sounds.


This service brings all the other services together it is the process of balancing the various elements, i.e., -the dialogue, music, sound effects and Foley effects, and exporting them as a stereo mix or a 5.1 surround.