Super Artist I.D.

[x_text]Being an artist or a musician in this time of widespread social networking isn’t just about sticking to one’s craft; these days, a singer doesn’t just sing! He or she needs to communicate with fans and followers, upload and share pictures and videos of what’s going on, and tweet and blog about it… And on top of all that, make music. If you are already a superstar, you most likely have a hired crew of PR and social media pros who take care of all these jobs for you. But if you’re not a big star just yet, you need something that promotes you and your talent in the right places and channels.[/x_text][x_text]The Super Artist ID is the video component of our Artist Development Package. Its content is based on that of an electronic press kit, but more individualized and tailored uniquely to each artist. We take the time with each of our clients to figure out how we can capture and visualize them in their own way, with an individual theme, pace and look. Additional to that we implement the talent’s key information/biography, key features, musical highlights and any other skills and expertise in order to represent them in the best way possible. Our overall expertise in the complete production process, from planning to shooting and editing to the final product, gives us the ability to accommodate all price ranges from lower budget productions up to FACT funded projects.[/x_text][x_text]Have a look at our portfolio and watch some sample videos from J.Cole to Foster The People and a few others.[/x_text][x_text]Contact us today if you feel your music could use the upgrade.[/x_text]

Sample Videos