10 Questions to Ask When Looking For a Video Production Company

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Video production companies take raw visual material, and create professional finished video products. For everything from commercials to full length feature films, you need to find an experienced video production company that can respond to your needs. Finding a video production company that fits your style, your budget, and your timeline can be a daunting task. To find the right video production company for you – start by asking the right questions!

#1: How Long Have You Been in the Industry

Experience is an incredibly important quality for your video production company to have. While brand new video production companies have a huge amount to offer, you will want someone who’s done this before to walk you through the process – especially if this is your first ever video production. For years, Encounter Studios has been providing the entire GTA with the very best in professional video production.

#2: What is Your Preferred Video Genre?

Every video production company has a specialty. Before you sign on with a video production company, find out what they specialize in. From different genres to a variety of campaign platforms, every company has a strength. Find a company that complements your project’s needs.

#3: What Type of Companies Do You Work With?

Just like a preferred genre, every video production company specializes with a specific industry. Perhaps they work primarily with educational or healthcare institutions, the finance sector, or retail. Each sector requires a different approach. Video production is a significant investment, so finding a company that suits your needs is important.

#4: Can You Provide a Quote?

Always, always request a written quote before embarking on a video production project. Before deciding on a video production company, hold interviews with multiple organizations and request formal quotes. Find out exactly what is included in each package, and more importantly – what is not included.

#5: Can You Give Creative Advice?

Throughout the project, you will depend on your video production company to provide you with creative advice. Can they deliver? Is creative advice included in the quote? Do they feel comfortable offering creative advice in your field?

#6: Do You Do Marketing?

Many video production companies offer marketing services. Often times, any marketing services will be treated as a separate contract. However, keeping all of the video production services and marketing services in-house will streamline your marketing goals.

#7: Are You Organized?

Organization is a huge part of keeping your video production project on track. Without a highly organized video producer your project will fall behind. As a client there is a lot you can do to keep your project on schedule. However, your video production company needs to keep up their end of the bargain!

#8: What’s Your Turnaround Time?

Before you embark on a project, find out whether or not your preferred video production company can accommodate your timeline. Be upfront about your preferred timeline during your first meeting. The more information the video producer has the better!

#9: Do You Provide Video Revisions?

There are almost always edits after a video project is over. Find out before you start the project if there are any revisions included in the quote.

#10: Are You Passionate In Your Work?

And last, but certainly not least. Are they passionate about their work? Your video production company should be enthusiastic not just about their work, but about your industry. At Encounter Studios, we offer our clients not only superior client care and professionalism, but also passion!

We look forward to hearing about your video production needs!