Another awesome commercial by Encounter Studios

Encounter Studios  shot the MuchMusic promo for the H&M Fashion Editor starring Hilary Allan. This TV spot challenges MuchMusic viewers to compete for this year’s spot as a fashion blogger on the red carpet at the Much Music Video Awards. Encounter Studios was put in charge of the production for a second consecutive year, and was assisted on post production work by 1188 studios.

After several brainstorming sessions and creative meetings with director Amit Dabrai the concept was locked down: A fashion race to the red carpet. While planning the details for this green screen shoot, various visual peaks were added, including color changing effects in the outfits and one runner’s massive leap into the air.

… And of course everything had to be shot in slow motion.

After finalizing the shot list the Encounter’s crew knew exactly which camera and lighting gear we needed to make this happen. With over 20.000 Watts illuminating the studio space and a RED Epic we were ready to go. Shooting more than 300 GB in 5k resolution and speeding some shots up to 300 frames per second, we had plenty of great footage to work with in post. Check out the final spot.

Thanks to MUCH, 1188 and all the other people who helped make this commercial happen.

Watch and Enjoy

You can watch the video here.

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