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Shaw Media

In the Studio


In our highlight is working with New York based producer Dave Liang on his latest production that is in line with his successful ‘The Shanghai Restoration Project’ productions. Click here to read more! During recording, we got a chance to work with some talented children and teachers from Yip’s Canada read more. It was a challenging experience recording 4 different batches of 8-14 year old kids, providing headphone mixes, setting levels and getting short mic stands.

Also in Audio and Video Production

Shaw Media

We’ve also been recording different radio/tv commercials, some of which are in different languages. Most exciting recording a Radio commercial for SHAW MEDIA which will be airing soon. Our film department (Encounter Film Studios) have been on the run producing TV commercials for companies, such as MuchMusic, including MuchMusic and Coca-cola covers commercial. We’re done working on Drake internationals corporate training project, Audio and video and we’re already looking forward to working more with this company.

Louis Gallant continues to rock hard in gigs around the city, with a potential upcoming GIG in New York City featured by Relix Magazine. To catch up on his latest news visit www.louisgallant.com

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