Hellocopter band finish recording 2 songs

Studio Update

During the past few weeks we’ve been working with Markham’s local band ‘Hellocopter’ on their two singles. Earlier in May, Encounter Studios sponsored a Battle of the Bands run by the Markham Mayor’s Youth Task Force, where we offered a prize of 12 hours of studio time for recording, mixing and mastering. The winning band was the helicopter band with an extraordinary performance.


The recording Sessions

The band managed to get 2 songs done in those 12 hours. It took 6 hours of recording to lay down the tracks. Recording the music in a 4 hour session, the band started with the drum tracks and two guitars all in one shot then over dubbed the bass guitar and later vocals and backups. For the second song however the band recorded all instruments in one shot (Thanks to our two live rooms at the studio, we can record a whole band in one shot multi-tracked without any noise leaking).

Vocals were then recorded in a few takes, as well as backup vocals. Having only 12 hours to finish recording, editing, mixing and mastering, the band had to limit the number of takes they took while recording hence affecting the quality of song timing and absolute perfection of the songs.


The editing, mixing and mastering

Having recorded all instruments at the same time and not doing much takes, editing the tracks wasn’t hard, just the in and out points as well as fixing some timing errors. Majority of the time was spent on mixing the songs, having around 20 audio tracks per song, it took time to add dynamics/effects to each track. I would have spent more time in mixing however with the time constrains, we did the best we could in the time we had. We did basic mastering on both songs because of time restrains, mainly compressing/limiting, maximizing and EQing the master.


Other studio updates

Its been quiet a busy summer at Encounter Studios, many returning clients, like MuchMusic, Drake international and Tucci Express to name a few! Make sure you take a look at our facebook page for updates and summer offers and for more information to contact us at info@encounterstudios.ca or call on 416-877-0756.



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