Choosing the Right Production Company in Toronto

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Video production have become very popular in the last couple of years, not only in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), but worldwide. The quantity of production companies offering these services has increased dramatically. Some companies specialize in production services only, while others provides full service complete with a sound recording studio and will assist you in the planning and distribution of your video. Keeping in mind that the importance of the video to be seen is as substantial as the production process itself, it is wise to define goals like building an audience or underlining your brandʼs identity before any discussion about a concept is started. Some production companies should already have a template for you, or be prepared to give you customized solutions. Some fellow Toronto production companies focus solely on creating an audience and link the videos to several relevant sites, to increase the views.

Corporate videos have become an efficient way to introduce new products, help with SEO, or spread the word about your company and explore new markets. The big brands integrated viral advertisement some time ago, but smaller businesses and companies have increasingly been using this quick and creative form of marketing to reach a targeted audience. Even the smallest businesses in Toronto have been turning to the services of production companies to create attention grabbing commercials.

Besides being spoilt for choice with the number of production companies, notably in Toronto, it takes time and preparation to find the right production company to fulfill your needs. The following tips could be helpful and shorten the time to achieve this:

1. Always ask for previous examples of work to ensure the quality of work from the production company.

2. Have one contact person in the chosen production company who you can mail, call or set up a meeting with to discuss the progress from the initial preparation stage all the way to the post production and final editing stage.

3. Talk about what happens after the video is ready. Which platform will it be distributed on, or can it be incorporated into social media.

4. Don’t be afraid to talk to smaller production companies, as they often cut overheads and go the extra mile with you.

5. Make sure you understand the costs involved and get a quote with all expenses listed. Sometimes you have to familiarize yourself with the terms used in video production. It is also worthwhile to ask the company you choose for clarification.

6. Be creative and give some creativity to your chosen production company. Dare to create something out of the box. Viral videos live usually in a moment, but keep in mind that your video should last for a while too.

Keeping the aforementioned in mind, we hope youʼll find the right production company, getting great value for your investment. If you search for some creative minds located in Toronto, donʼt hesitate to contact us and we’ll be glad to help you with any questions.

We are a group of writers, directors, sound engineers and DOPs combined as one unique creative agency for professional sound, music, and video production services in Toronto. 
Our expertise lies within the capability to offer tailor made services ranging from TV commercials to corporate video prodcution and also sound recording and design and music production. We offer from pre to post production services all under one house. We are locally based in Markham but service all areas in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) and across Canada.

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