Downsize Games – Part 1: Production

downsize games office copier

Sunday, August 26th was a long day, tiring but great day on set. The Encounter team wrapped their first short film production a bit past midnight (note: call time 6 a.m.). DOWNSIZE GAMES – a script written and directed by Cheryl Anne Meyer – is a comedic parody in which the cast ends up in a funny, dramatic office war.
After six weeks of preplanning with Cheryl and her Co-Director Jeremy Kane, the production day has finally come. The Encounter crew was technically fully prepared to take on this challenge. Shooting on RED Epic to give the film the cinematic look we were ready for the 7 different indoor setups. One of the greatest challenges was the lighting for the various slow-motion shots. When shooting up to 300 frames per second one needs A LOT of light!
The time was running against us, but with our amazing 1st AD Maddie Fordham who accelerated the production process, we managed to finish just before we had to leave the location.
Thanks to everyone who was involved to make this film happen. We had an awesome time working and collaborating with so many creative minds and talents and we are looking forward to be the production company for many more films and passion projects.

…to be continued (Downsize Games – Part 1: Post Production)

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