HelloCopter Band wins recording sessions at Encounter Studios

Hellocopter Band

Local music

Last weekend Encounter Studios sponsored a battle of the bands event hosted by the Markham Mayor’s Youth Task Force. Local bands gave out a great show, out of all the great performances, two bands that deserve an honourable mention are Oh!Victory and Crisis Sanford (Visit and Like them on Facebook). Markham’s winning band ‘Hellocopter’ gave a spectacular performance that swept fans off their feet!


Hellocopter Band

Hellocopter band wins recording session at Encounter Studios

Recording Session

Hellocopter band will get to use Encounter studios facility for 12 hours to record their best hit. We’re excited to have them in and to add some of our experience to their talent.


More music production and voice recording news

We’ve been busy at the studio, Louis Gallant has already started recording his second album – yet to be named. We’ve done a couple of live sound gigs as well as studio voice-over sessions and Radio commercials for NDP and Galaxy energy. Looking forward to some exciting projects coming up including an on-set recording for Blackberry with Encounter Film Studios.

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