Importance of Mastering Audio

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Many of our clients; professionals and amateurs ask about the importance of mastering audio after the recording, editing and mixing process. Many people mistake audio mastering with the CD master copy – A CD master copy is simply the final disk with audio, ready for duplication. While there is importance in creating a high quality CD master copy, with raw format audio, Audio mastering is a complete different process. The purpose of audio mastering is to enhance or sweeten the sound of the audio recorded and mixed, without doubt, any song you’ve listened to on the radio or on a CD has gone through this mastering process.

How is Audio Mastered?

There are many stages in the mastering process. Depending on the genre of music and dynamics of the song, a mastering engineer decides what dynamic processors to use. In almost every case of mastering, the engineer uses Compression, Equalizers and limiting to balance the dynamic range of the audio, sweeten the sound, and adjust the levels throughout the track. The mastering engineer also has the ability of widening the stereo image of a track by using imaging plugins, reverbs and delays.

Should you chose to master your audio?

Anybody looking for a more professional and commercial sound in their work, should have their material mastered. I always recommend spending the extra money on mastering as it takes your sound to the next level, It would make sense that after putting a lot of effort in recording and producing music to invest in mastering it right. Mastering is the key process in bringing recordings up to commercial standards.


Do we offer mastering here at Encounter Studios? Yes we do, Contact us for more information/rates.


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