Louis Gallant Recording first Studio Album!

In our Recording Studio

Local Canadian artist Louis Gallant started recording his debut album 1, 2, 6, Gu.s.ay Go…! here at Encounter Studios this month! With his magnificent guitar playing and song writing skills, Louis Gallant has inspired many listeners through his jaw dropping music and live performances. We have the pleasure of recording and producing his first album!Louis Gallant @ Encounter Studios

Recording and Production

Although it might sound relatively simple to record a solo artist playing guitar and singing, there are many techniques that can transform a recording from simply being a recorded audio file, to capturing the movement, dynamics and feelings of the performer. This is done by strategic microphone placement around the instrument to capture harmonics, instrument body sound, room noise, and the instruments response to the players techniques.

Sound Production

One of the biggest challenges having to record an instrument and vocals at the same time is being able to separate them both on different tracks. Of course there would always be a bleed of sound from different sources but getting a crisp, clear sound from the source is extremely fundamental and important for the editing and mixing stage!

The Album now is in the recording process and will soon get into the editing and mixing stage. Stay Posted!

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  1. Thank you for your confidence!! I am please with the results…I personally enjoyed my time there at Encounter Studios and felt at home in front of the microphone! I am almost ready to start recording an instrumental CD.


  2. The music is truly hypnotizing!!!! It brings you into your own world and completely relaxes you. I can’t wait to see the live show tonight!
    Congrats to you Uncle Louis you have a gift and I am glad you are putting it out there for the world to enjoy

  3. I met you at a wedding I am Wendy’s husband Erick. Just listened to ur cd and you sound great. Love the songs and the tittle of you cd is very touching once Wendy explained it to me. Good luck with you music.

    1. Hello Erick, yes I remember you!…I didn’t know how to spell your name…now I do…Thank you very much for your inspirational words!


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