Meet Ludwig!

Attention all bands and drummers, we have great news for you. We have purchased a Ludwig Epic drum set for our studio, Which means, you don’t have to worry about carrying your own drums with you every time you come to record! It also means that your recordings will sound even better.

Our kit features

  • 18×22″ tight Kick drum
  • 6.5×4″ Snare
  • 7.5×10″ and 8×12″ toms
  • 10×14″ and 16×16″ floor toms
  • Pearl Throne


We have also installed REMO Ambassador and Emperor skins on the whole kit to make it sound better, along with Paiste PRO cymbals that make the kit sound awesome!

We know that some drummers are more comfortable using their own gear so feel free to bring along your own snare or cymbals to your session. Remember to subscribe to our website to get our latest news and updates!

We love buying new GEAR!!

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