MuchMusic disBAND winners TV commercial

Our Crew at Encounter Film Studios did a great job shooting the MuchMusic disBAND winners promo last month at the MTV temple in Toronto. I remember seeing the unedited, uncoloured raw footage the day after the shoot and being amazed at the work done. Days after, they came to me with the first draft, edited but still uncoloured and I thought it was ready to go on air! All to say, they did a great job directing, shooting, editing, colour correcting etc. and i’m sure you’ll think the same after you watch it.

Lets Get Technical Here! The Editing and Mixing

On the technical side of things, Audio speaking, the hardest part was editing the song to fit in the 24 second window and not have an awkward cut/transmission to the Windows pack shot. Keeping in mind that the music has to be in sync with the video. After playing around with the audio and some frustration, I think the edit worked out great and unnoticed (you might notice it now because you know) How it worked was by cutting the last 4 seconds of the song and merging it to wherever I wanted to cut in the middle, with some cross fades, it worked great.


The Voice was pre-recorded at the MuchMusic studio and we got the raw audio, cleaned it up, added compression, EQ and Limiting and placed it with the gaps we wanted. Threw a compressor on the music track and side chained a BUS from the Voice-over to act like a ducker.

If you want to read more about the video technical details, make sure you go to and look for the latest posts.

Enjoy the Video!

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