Our music recording and mixing update

Music Recording

The past few weeks we’ve been busy with recording and mixing music. Exciting things are happening with our clients and their music, Louis Gallant has Just finished recording his second album ‘Keepin’ it, re…all’ soon on itunes and on all major music distributors. The album has 12 original songs, a fine mix of instrumentals and vocals written, composed and performed by him. Louis is also releasing a third album called ‘On Roads’ which is purely instrumentals performed by Louis Gallant and featuring John Defino on Electric Guitar. There is a lot to say about both albums and music.

Mixing and Production

Dominic Ducci has been mixing a song in the studio, Its a great new song, soon to be played on radios across North America and internationally as well. Very soon in the next few weeks, Dominic and his crew will be in the studio to record a couple more songs. More info to come soon.

Encounter Studios on MuchMusic?

If you’ve been watching MuchMusic, you might have noticed Encounter Studios in one of the CocaCola & MuchMusic covers spots. Parts of Levar Allen’s finalist spot was shot at Encounter Studios. So next time you’re watching Much, don’t flip the channel for commercial break, keep an eye out for us.

(Spots were produced by Encounter Film Studios www.encounterfilmstudios.ca)

The Hellocopter Band will start recording this week at the studio, so stay posted for further updates!


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