Dialogue Recording Studio

Here at Encounter studios, we provide great quality dialogue recordings, through the use of our essential equipment and limitless facility. If any talent is needed at a Toronto dialogue recording studio you can tell us in advance so we can book them for your recording session. Our dialogue recording services are flexible to all kinds of voice recording projects, narrations for video, TV and radio commercials, book narrations, training CD’s and more. We are extremely flexible with your ideas and will do the best we can to commit and cater our time and expertise to fit your need as a client. Simply put, being a recording studio does not mean we will only do work for musicians, we are open to all projects and will manipulate our studio to finish your product.

We are able to create good quality dialogue recordings with the use of our top of the line equipment and staff expertise, we will provide you with crisp sound for your final product. We are a modern built studio equipped with two recording booths, enough space for comfortable recording. If there is anything specific that you need for your session, we can have it ready especially for your session.

Curious about the work we’ve done in dialogue recording and other voice over production? Some of our satisfied clients include Much Music, Drake international, leisure world, big air studios, dodge and more.

Flexible Studio Hours

We make sure that your project is just as important to us than it is to you so we will make it a priority. We are extremely flexible and are able to conduct to sessions at once if it is necessary, and we are interested in booking hours that will be practical for you to work in the dialogue recording studio also do not feel obligated to cut your sessions short we are willing to work with you as long as you need to finish your recording.

Comfortable Environment

Our comfortable working environment will allow you to get your work done without out the pressures of time on your mind, you will be able to work comfortably with our staff members in one of two booths at our recording studio to finish your specific dialogue recording project. With good competitively priced hourly rates for both short sessions and packaged deals your time in the dialogue recording studio will be affectively conducted and worth your expenses.