Corporate Video Production

corporate video is an efficient and modern way to communicate key messages of your company. It also helps to connect you to new and existing customers. Besides that, it is marketable and searchable on the web and saves you long written explanations about what your company does. So if you want to grow your business, create an online presence or just send a certain message out, it is time to do it with a great corporate video.

Located here in the Greater Toronto Area, Encounter Studios will help you with your corporate video production by developing ideas or create content from scratch with our creative minds in-house.  A boring corporate video will die, especially on one the web. So help us make your video reflect your key strengths and message in a creative way!

What corporate video production services we offer:

Corporation Communication Videos

Promotional Videos

Workshop and Seminar Coverage

Training Videos

Starting guide to get the best of our production service:

Whether you develop the script or leave it up to our us, there will be always the 3 stages to the project.


This is the key point to creating an interesting corporate video on any given budget. It is important to be clear about locations, talents, music and graphic animations if applicable, to stay within a realistic budget. The script will be an essential element to success! It is important to have one main person in the company who knows all the details and will be the direct person to talk to.


If everything is planned well, the video production part is only homework. It will take time to set up shots and get the right take, but that’s where the creative difference comes in.


We will provide you with a first draft corporate video production, which will be developed to a final edit, also polished with animation, music, the right colour correction.

The whole process can be done from scratch within few weeks and will be ready to go online or on air. You’ll be notified about every step and or update of the production. And best of all, it is all done under one production company. We take our clients through all the stages of the video production, involving them and making sure they exactly get what they envisioned.