Recording music and Shooting video in Toronto

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Music Production

We’ve been quiet busy at the studio, Just finished producing a track for local Indie artist Santino Di Paola and finishing up a track for another talented local artist Yanekah Jacobs. Producing music requires a crazy amount of creativity – Seeking to create a beat thats catchy and original. We’ve all been through a time when we came up with that SICK riff only to realize its actually been used in a song that you’ve heard probably 5 years ago. Creating something thats new and catchy is hard, especially getting out of the box of creating mainstream beats – being creative would be the right word to use. Once, you’re past the stage of creating something new and semi-catchy, you’d think the process gets easier, but it actually gets harder – trying to match the right sounds with the same energy of the track is not easy. I’d say the best part is the recording process, whether its with the artist or a musician you hire, working with someone to make music is so rewarding, although sometimes you record something that sounds great at the moment but you listen to it the next day and the only thing going through your mind is “What was I thinking? its terrible!”. That being said, recording vocals is great, and there is always a tension between pushing the artist to hit those notes perfectly while wanting to hear their unique and original sound. It all pays off at the end when you have a track that people can pump in their cars and sing along.

Video Production

So a few months ago we purchased a RED digital cinema camera, cost a bit more than an arm and a leg, but was it worth it? Absolutely, the footage off that camera is phenomenal! No wonder almost all directors are choosing to use RED cameras on location. Well, filming has been busy too – our clients have been satisfied with our quality and coming for more. Family Channel has been keeping us busy, filming some of their TV spots, some of the recent work we’ve done were promos for ‘Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs 2’, ‘Smurfs 2’ and ‘Grown ups 2’ , Great fun working on these projects and being creative visually. Are you looking for a production company in toronto? Why not hire us for your next gig, we know we can deliver, and you won’t be disappointed.

Neumann MicVoice Overs

Lately we’ve also been getting a lot of international clients, and we’ve been happy to work on their productions, from promotional videos to voice-overs. We’re seriously getting into the Voice-over production market in Toronto and are hoping to serve more and more happy clients. For international clients we’re able to patch Skype in to the session, so that the director can monitor the session from the comfort of their Florida vacation timeshare couch.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me directly on 416-877-0756

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