Production and Recording Studio Update!

Recording projects

We just finished producing two tracks for two local artists and we’re on the horizon of working on producing an EP for another local artist and we’re looking to do more. Are you a local musician or song writer who is interested in producing songs that you’ve written? Give us a call or drop us an email for a free 30 minute free consultation.

Although we love working on music we’ve also been doing some voice over recording for our corporate clients, including our international clients. Last month we recorded two radio spots for the Princess Margaret Cancer foundation to promote their Ride to Conquer cancer event happening all over Ontario.

New Equipment

Last month we purchased a new location recorder that we’re really excited about – It records 8 tracks of audio simultaneously at sample rates up to 96khz/24bit broadcast WAV quality. Its already been out with us on set and has worked wonderfully. We’re always on the look out to expand our production equipment to get the best quality and maximum efficiency.

Recording Studio

Next month we’re doing some upgrades to our recording studio acoustics – this will include adding some acoustic panels and bass traps to tune out frequencies (Standing Waves) as well as digitally calibrating the monitors to project an accurate frequency range that compliments the control room. All technicalities aside, this will mean that your recordings done at Encounter Studios will sound even better with our new upgrades.

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