SAE iPhone TV Commercial Shoot

Last weekend, we had the privilege of doing audio for the SAE iPhone APP development course TV commercial. Working with such great team of creative directors and cast made the shoot more fun than work. The audio set-up was simple but rather challenging because of the outdoor ambient noise (We were close to an airport, and the neighbour decided to mow the lawn half way through the shoot). We used two microphones, a Rode NTG1 boom mic and a Sennheiser ew112-p lavalier mic clipped on to the main actor, both connected to a ZOOM H4 recorder on separate channels.

Like any other project, post-production is the creative stage, having to work with the media recorded and shot whether its good or bad. For this project, we had a couple of dialogue tracks that weren’t clear because of wind and background noise, usually we would get the talent in the studio for ADR (Automated dialogue replacement) but being a low budget project, we managed to EQ some of the noise to fix the tracks. Over all, we had a great shoot, First and second drafts are sent to the client and we’re waiting for feedback! Stay posted, we’ll post the commercial on youtube once the client approves it! Also, Check out our behind the scenes pictures on our flickr link on our main page!

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