The One Song Demo Deal

Do you need to record one song to releasable quality, but don’t have the budget to book a whole day in the studio? Then our one-song demo deal is right for you.

For only $279, we will give you up to four hours in the studio, guided and recorded by one of our most experienced engineers. We can have a drum kit tuned and mic’d up before you arrive to save valuable time at the start. Let us know your line-up and we’ll have everything else in place.

You’ll then have time to get settled, play live (but with all instruments separated so we can correct any mistakes later) and give your best performance. Redo vocals and maybe a couple of overdubs (get that solo right!), and mix. If we run out of time, we’ll mix the track another day at no extra cost.

Feel free to bring any recordings you like the sound of – this drum sound, that guitar sound, etc. It’s always best if we know what you’re after from the start.

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