Streaming Vs. Downloading Music

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Stream or Download?

In the past their was much debate on whether you should illegally download music or purchase your favourite artist albums at your local music store. This question still exists today, however, a new issue in the music industry has risen. The new problem of streaming your music online or downloading them.

For a local musician in Toronto, Markham or anywhere across the GTA, both services has their advantages. We at Encounter Studios have done some research and have complied pros and cons for streaming music versus downloading purchase tracks online.

Purchase downloads

If you’re a local Markham musician or someone that loves music you might want to own the music you listen, so you can build your own personal music library. The only way to do this is to buy, download, and store that music on your own devices.

Another benefit of purchased downloads is the fact that you can take your music anywhere, even “offline.” With purchase tracks you can take it with you on the TTC, local gym, in the car and anywhere that doesn’t have wifi connection and ads won’t play.

Purchase downloads is great for artists because they can have their music on places like itunes and have people purchase a track they love after hearing the preview. With that said the downfall for purchase download music is the fact that people have to purchase the song with money. Even though services allow for single song purchases for less than $1, its still a deterrent for people.


If you’re someone that doesn’t purchase songs but would like access to a wide range of music  from all types of genres, steaming is for you. Some great music streaming sites our songza and spotify, both of these are free streaming sites and allow you to access their library of music from your phone via app.

Another great benefit of streaming music is that it will expose you to new songs and artists that you may not have heard. If you’re an artist that can somehow find a way to get your music on a streaming service you may encounter a growth in your fan base.

The down side of streaming websites is that you will encounter advertisements when you listen to artist, this will throw some people off who were in a deep zone while listening. You are limited to how many tracks you can skip to the next track. The greatest downfall to this service is that you must be connected to wifi or use your data to listen, even if you have wifi connection, if its not fast your songs will delay. It will also put a hole in your pocket if your phone data has a limit.