Studio production update – Toronto recording studio

Studio Broduction Update

Production and recording

You would think that things get slower this time of the year, but here at Encounter Studios, we’ve been going full thrust, Our highlight update is working on a live event with Pop/Soul singer Shawn Desman, it was a blast and a great gig to set-up and operate sound. We’ve also been mixing Mykal’s music, four songs on the horizon and should be released in the next few weeks, so keep an eye out on our website or at Another recording project that is keeping us busy is for a new artist ‘KSMan’, he is starting with producing one song here at Encounter Studios, so we are pumped about finishing that as well!

Corporate and voice over recording

Drake International has also been keeping us busy with Voice over recordings for their company’s internal training system, as well as some video projects that are in production as well. CCM productions were also in the studio recording some radio commercials for No Frills promoting their deals for the holidays. We were away for a weekend along with encounter film studios shooting a documentary for the LDS church in Salt lake city, Utah. It was a great experience and a busy weekend. Finally, our friends from Leisure World Senior Care Corporation were at the studio recording voice overs for different company presentations.

Recording, production and audio projects on the horizon

We’re looking forward to the next few weeks where we’ll be working on a couple cool projects with different companies, Hoping to spend more time on Mykal’s 4 songs and move forward to the rest of them – total of 15 songs. We’ll be doing a commentary recording for a film – more details on that later. And finally, we’ve been asked by the MYTF (Mayors Youth Task Force) to sponsor the 2012 Markham Battle of the Bands for the second year which we’re very excited for.

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