Summer full of recording at Encounter Studios

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Studio update

It’s been a busy summer here at the studio with some of our returning clients as well as new ones. We’ve been working on TV commercials, corporate recordings, Music production and training narrations with several companies. It is always exciting to work on different kinds of projects with different clients and companies, this diversity gives us creativity in our productions and work.

Recording voice-over


Recently in the studio were our friends from Leisure world Care corporation recording voice narration for training. The training consists of 10 minute long presentations for nurses to refresh memory on different topics. After hours of editing and listening to different training topics, even our memory is refreshed! On the technical side, we recorded using our classic Rode K2 Tube microphone, which gives warmth to the sound. In post production, editing takes most of the time, to filter out noise, and edit out mistakes, then adding compression, EQing and a noise gate to cut out unwanted noise and breathing.

Music Production

Louis Gallant finished his fourth album which is an enhanced mix of songs from his first album 1, 2, 6 Gu.s.ay Go featuring John Defino on electric guitar. The album is called 1, 2, 6 Gu.a.ay plugged and is currently available on itunes and major music stores and soon on disc.

Also, Tucci band are working on their second song and soon to begin distributing their first song ‘Your Love’ on itunes. Also, a music video coming up so keep a look out!

Commercials and other

We were on a video shoot early in august with Much Music, recording sound for a TV commercial for the VMA’s, also soon to be on air. It was a fun day of production, recorded on Roland R-44 4 channel field recorder using a Sennheiser MKH416 shotgun microphone (Very directional! – Its great) Check it out here.

Also, we’ve been involved in many live gigs (corporate and music performances) and many more to come in September.



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