Toronto Music Videos

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Here at Encounter Studios we have help Toronto artist with the development of growing their local fan base and creating a professional sound of their music. Now that you have grown your fan base and produced great music you might want to take your music career to the next level. Crafting amazing music for your fan base only stimulates their hearing sense, but adding visuals paints an image in your fans heads.

Whether you’re from Markham, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Aurora or anywhere in Toronto chances are that there are amazing locations to shoot a music video. Shooting a music video allows you as an artist to display the great city you are from.

We have compiled a great list of musicians who have shot a music video here in Toronto. We hope this list gives you creativity when filming your own music video here in Toronto.

Romantic Traffic – The Spoons

Ever wonder what it was like riding the TTC subway trains back in the old days? well the Romantic Traffic’s music video for the spoons takes you on a ride on the Toronto vintage trains while performing as buskers at different subway stations.

Barenaked Ladies – Lovers in a Dangerous Time

The barenaked ladies, which surprisingly is a band made up of 4 males from the city is a well known band not only in Toronto but around the world. One of their well known songs is lovers in a dangerous time which was shot in a cold Toronto winter around Scarborough.

The Shuffle Demons – Spadina Bus

Some of us ride the TTC every day to commute around this great city or to head to work which means a lot of time spend on a specific rout. The Shuffle Demon’s Spadina Bus is a song and music video dedicated towards the Spadina Bus and businesses within the bus route.

Maestro Fresh Wes – Let Your Backbone Slide

The 90s was a time when the hip-hop music scene was dominated by artists around the United States, but Maestro Fresh Wes song Let your BackBone Slide showed not only Canada but also America that Toronto hip-hop scene is on the rise. His catchy beat and awesome lyrics has moved every hip-hop lovers backbone around the world, because of that this song still gets played to move today’s generations backbone.

Kardinal Offishall – The Anthem

If their was ever a Toronto anthem it would be Kardinal Offishall’s The Anthem. The lyrics and video is pure love for the city of Toronto. The music video displays many areas in Toronto from downtown, Vaughn and Malvern. The music video also has cameos from famous individuals in Toronto from music and entertainment while also showing historic and well known places in the city.